13 books I devoured in January

read all of the books!It’s Writing Wednesday! I’m working to complete my first novel this year.  No rookie experience would be complete without All of the newbie mistakes. I have the least amount of experience writing fiction so I’m trying to ramp up on knowledge while organizing the story and shaping the characters. What started as a simple story has become super complicated. Amateur mistake  #1:  I forgot the Keep It Simple rule.

I’m learning so much and I read a lot.  I believe that the more you read, the better. But if I don’t get really disciplined this can become a case of ready, aim……ready….aim………….ready…. Argh—just fire, already!!!!!

Here’s what I’ve read so far in 2016: Read More

3 Ways Your Site Is Too Pushy

Time is the most limited personal resource. Mortality affects all income levels. This concept will thread together several marketing blogs. Why? Because we’re all in a hurry and can’t write or read that much all at once!  Remember: If time weren’t so important, why would we try to “save” so much of it? (We’ll save that for a Thoughtful Thursday type of blog!) This is Marketing Monday!

If your marketing is designed to capture attention (and funds) from 3 generations, you need to take into consideration what they all have in common: Time constraints. Each group shops a little differently but not one of them wants to Work at giving you their money. Read More

Why we need Socially Awkward Barbie

You’re getting double the dose of TGIFWPF! (I’ll never be able to keep this pace. Prepare for disappointment.)

In the US, there have been rumbles and grumbles for several years about the Barbie doll setting up impossibly high standards and false hopes in our young children. The claim is that her figure inspires low self esteem, eating disorders, self loathing, etc. I don’t think the general issue of Barbie’s world being pink or pinning all of her romantic hopes on Eunuch Ken has been a source of complaint. Mattel has done a lot to try and move Barbie along with the times. They’ve given her friends who have different hair color and skin color. She’s had career clothing. What more could you ask for America?! Read More