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It’s probably the same as Thoughtful Thursday….if we’re really being honest.

Spontaneous Creativity

What's Your Story?I wrote a lot of dialogue for my book today. I have more than one plot line in the novel and I’ve been stuck on how to begin the sideways part of the story. A flood of ideas came to me as I was exercising. I imagined a quirky conversation that could shape many of the events in the chapters to come. I scratched notes in the midst of cardio (Penmanship from another planet) and typed it up with sweaty hands while wheezing. I was riding a personal high from having been so spontaneously productive. My mind is like an Internet Browser with lots of open windows and tabs. Some of them are minimized and pop up unexpectedly. I think the creativity window is one of those that’s always open and running. If I feel stuck, I can switch my activity and ideas come when I’m not concentrating on the project. There are other times when I can hardly see the world just for what it is as everything I look at becomes a metaphor or leads to some epiphany. If any of that yields productivity, it’s especially exciting.

Do you live in metaphor? What types of things do you do to inspire creativity? Email or comment.

News Reporting has become Viral Vomit

I can’t escape the headlines shouting that David Bowie’s son disliked Gaga’s performance in a tribute to his father.

lots of headlines

Stir the Pot

They base this “story” on his tweet, “overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused.Damn it! What IS that word!?”

the tweet in question

Not Necessarily Hating It

All he did was define the word Gaga. A quick trip to could have solved that riddle in 2 seconds.

definition of gaga

It wasn’t much of a riddle.

He may have been providing an explanation behind the artistic choices, attempting to clue us in on a meta-reference rather than complaining.

definition of meta

As in she was Gaga for David Bowie.

Our loudest talking heads seize an idea and repeat it ad nauseum. This does not make it truth. Feel free to apply that information to most headlines. So much of what is reported is re-worded and repeated rather than researched. Journalism died a long time ago.

Since nobody reads, here’s a handy infographic!
Are you sick of all of the drama? Do you remember when everything wasn’t designed to incite hatred, rage or fear? I think it’s time to avoid viral vomit. It seems to be highly contagious. Comment or send an email to

If a tree fell in the woods, would we tell it to shut up?

Could it be Truthful Tuesday? Have no fear, imaginary friends! Truthful Tuesday will not be a regular feature. I can’t commit.

Once in a while, our collective wisdom exhausts me. I was going to post about how the Internet solves the age old question about the tree falling in the woods when nobody is around….. Of course every cool picture of a fallen tree had a blog attached to it. Those pictures were illustrating the same idea I had or to teach something about marketing. See? We’re all so wise. We seem to be repeating ourselves. (Tangent: How many blogs and podcasts are out there simply re-purposing what other blogs and podcasts have said?! I’m all for a summary but that feels a bit like cheating.)

living tree trunk carved like a stick figure

Here’s a tree that hasn’t fallen down. Check out some interesting art at

The short version of what I wanted to say is this: The Internet gives that tree a megaphone with a recorder and a pause feature. When someone comes within range of it, possibly years after it fell, the sound can play and it will be heard. That can be great news to many people who live just to be heard. They shout at the infinite abyss, “I’m here!!!! I’m worthy. Listen to me!” while stamping their foot for good measure. It can also be the worst news for people who are growing because today’s wisdom can easily be tomorrow’s folly and there’s a worldwide record of it. Read More