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Internet Marketing Strategist discusses what works and what doesn’t work from the user experience.

Udi’s: A lesson in quality control and packaging

problem with gluten free bread

Just half a sandwich for me, please!

Udi’s get your act together. This isn’t the first time I’ve paid a gazillion dollars and been disappointed. If I want hole-y bread, I’ll go to a Catholic church or a bagel shop. You need better systems in place to provide a more consistent product. Maybe you need to open your loaves and package them in halves to assist you with quality control. I’m not sure but we’ve been through this before.

While I’m writing, please adjust your colorful packaging so that I can see what’s inside the bag. (Other food companies take note!) A graphic designer should be able to modify this with ease and keep your branding in place. I’ve had too many frozen, thawed and re-frozen loaves full of mushy spots due to condensation forming ice crystals and being trapped within the bag. (Refining your system of preservation and delivery could be useful.) If I could see the bread prior to purchase, it wouldn’t feel like a gamble. You may be a brand leader right now, but the competition is such that you may not hold your position in the market indefinitely. Pay attention to details.

Have you ever opened a package to find the product inside was not at all what you expected? Email or Comment.

2 Easy Ways to Increase Sales Using Wish Lists

Bonus tip: Let's add some color to draw attention to the option. It's a noisy space.

Bonus tip: Let’s add some color to draw attention to the option. It’s a noisy space.

Lightboxes, Idea books and Wish lists, oh my! Are you making full use of these? Many sites encourage shoppers to log in and entice repeat visits by offering idea books, wish lists, and light box programs. It can be a great convenience to shoppers. This information could be very useful to the seller. It’s a fairly simple way for businesses to harvest a list of potential purchasers. Rather than let the information sit and become covered in virtual dust,  it would be advantageous to push some communication to that shopper to convert the wish to a sale. Read More

3 Ways Your Site Is Too Pushy

Time is the most limited personal resource. Mortality affects all income levels. This concept will thread together several marketing blogs. Why? Because we’re all in a hurry and can’t write or read that much all at once!  Remember: If time weren’t so important, why would we try to “save” so much of it? (We’ll save that for a Thoughtful Thursday type of blog!) This is Marketing Monday!

If your marketing is designed to capture attention (and funds) from 3 generations, you need to take into consideration what they all have in common: Time constraints. Each group shops a little differently but not one of them wants to Work at giving you their money. Read More