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A place to vent that also pokes fun at our relatively luxurious culture and helps remind us to be mindful and have gratitude.

Land of the Gluten Free, Home of the ???

problem with gluten free bread

Boo hoo!

Complaining about their posh, gluten free life while spending $8 on bread.

(Disclaimer: Sure gluten bothers a lot of people, but you can be gluten free and not eat sandwich bread. Land of the free! Home of the brave AND the diabetic, obese, dementia and cancer &autoimmune disease-ridden people with skyrocketing rates of developmentally disabled children. ‘Murica!)

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USA Today Roasts Kanye West

Thank you USA Today for spending so much time researching and fact-checking to bring us truth in the NEWS. Oh wait—that’s no longer important! We want entertainment. Your solution: Program a slide show, call it a generator, and someone will think you essentially created an app. It’s bound to go viral. Maybe Kanye really finally broke the Internet.
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What can I get for 2 alligators?

Reason #3,840,259 why fast food is dangerous: The customers. If the carcinogenic ingredients won’t kill you, maybe the gators will. It’s First World Problems Friday.

Stoner tosses alligator into shop as prank

Joshua James (age 23) chunks gator into Wendy’s

A man was arrested in Florida for throwing an alligator through the drive-thru window. He ordered a drink and decided it would be hilarious to throw this wild animal into the shop as a method of payment. This is going into my file called, Scenarios: Preparing for the Unexpected. In America, we are becoming far too creative in finding new ways to upset people and entertain ourselves. Pity us as we comfortably sit in our own refuse of indulgence lamenting that we are woefully unfulfilled. Meanwhile, someone in Louisiana is thinking that’s a waste of perfectly good food…..and they mean the alligator.

Legal charge: Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon         Bond: $6,000
He said “It was probably the last time he will do this…so yeah.” (I can write an entire blog about the group of people who end sentences with “so yeah.”)

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Why we need Socially Awkward Barbie

You’re getting double the dose of TGIFWPF! (I’ll never be able to keep this pace. Prepare for disappointment.)

In the US, there have been rumbles and grumbles for several years about the Barbie doll setting up impossibly high standards and false hopes in our young children. The claim is that her figure inspires low self esteem, eating disorders, self loathing, etc. I don’t think the general issue of Barbie’s world being pink or pinning all of her romantic hopes on Eunuch Ken has been a source of complaint. Mattel has done a lot to try and move Barbie along with the times. They’ve given her friends who have different hair color and skin color. She’s had career clothing. What more could you ask for America?! Read More