Spontaneous Creativity

What's Your Story?I wrote a lot of dialogue for my book today. I have more than one plot line in the novel and I’ve been stuck on how to begin the sideways part of the story. A flood of ideas came to me as I was exercising. I imagined a quirky conversation that could shape many of the events in the chapters to come. I scratched notes in the midst of cardio (Penmanship from another planet) and typed it up with sweaty hands while wheezing. I was riding a personal high from having been so spontaneously productive. My mind is like an Internet Browser with lots of open windows and tabs. Some of them are minimized and pop up unexpectedly. I think the creativity window is one of those that’s always open and running. If I feel stuck, I can switch my activity and ideas come when I’m not concentrating on the project. There are other times when I can hardly see the world just for what it is as everything I look at becomes a metaphor or leads to some epiphany. If any of that yields productivity, it’s especially exciting.

Do you live in metaphor? What types of things do you do to inspire creativity? Email admin@finepointpen.com or comment.

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