Slang + Jargon = Slargon


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“When our vertical integration synergizes to leverage our core competencies, we add value and increase market share.”

“Well Bob, that’s true as long as we engage our best practices to fully support the effective implementation of competency based management.”

“All yo set better be hustlin’ for dat paper.”


Slang + Jargon = Slargon.  We tie together ideas using these social codes in an effort to save time and believe we have reached an understanding. We sputter words without saying much of anything in terms of meaningful content. It’s a great way to socially fit in while giving no specific direction or making any tangible promises. We shake hands, fist bump or whatever, and go on thinking we’ve communicated effectively. Even if the other person agrees with us, we have no idea what they’re going to do or why they agree with us.

This type of communication is similar to the way politicians speak. They use different lingo and fail to clarify their message. These are snippets from 2 different political party debate transcripts all uttered by different people:

“We have to rebuild our country. We have to rebuild our infrastructure.”
“Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure,”
“…but we invested more in infrastructure”
“My plans for creating more good jobs in manufacturing, infrastructure, clean and renewable energy…”
“I would then dedicate that money to rebuilding infrastructure here in this country.”
“…to build jobs and rebuild our infrastructure”

If I drank, I’d be pretty sloshed just from sipping every time that word was mentioned. Not one politician tells exactly how they intend to do things with the ambiguous “infrastructure.” Was that 5 more bridges and 20 new roads, Frank? Joe, would you like to shoot for 3 roads and 2 bridges? How much for just 1 bridge? Ok who gets this bridge? Can I jump off of it? Thanks, Bill. You definitely have my *hiccup* vote.

There are many more examples of this but politics aren’t fun. Let’s play bingo instead! (reload the page for new cards!)

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