What can I get for 2 alligators?

Reason #3,840,259 why fast food is dangerous: The customers. If the carcinogenic ingredients won’t kill you, maybe the gators will. It’s First World Problems Friday.

Stoner tosses alligator into shop as prank

Joshua James (age 23) chunks gator into Wendy’s

A man was arrested in Florida for throwing an alligator through the drive-thru window. He ordered a drink and decided it would be hilarious to throw this wild animal into the shop as a method of payment. This is going into my file called, Scenarios: Preparing for the Unexpected. In America, we are becoming far too creative in finding new ways to upset people and entertain ourselves. Pity us as we comfortably sit in our own refuse of indulgence lamenting that we are woefully unfulfilled. Meanwhile, someone in Louisiana is thinking that’s a waste of perfectly good food…..and they mean the alligator.


Legal charge: Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon         Bond: $6,000
He said “It was probably the last time he will do this…so yeah.” (I can write an entire blog about the group of people who end sentences with “so yeah.”)

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