Here’s what the Pen is plotting.

We’re embarking on some new creative projects and want to include you in the process. We have an insane number of interests so it’s hard to gauge exactly what will end up on this site. This is the game plan.

Marketing Monday: Internet Marketing Strategist discussing what works and what is totally sucking the life out of your brand based on the end user (customer) experience. In other words, a light on praise, heavy on complaint blog. Another one! Just what we needed! 

Writing Wednesday: Discovering the magic and wonder of assembling words for writing fiction and nonfiction. We’ll talk about what we’re reading, things we’re learning and how we’re progressing on our first book project. We’re reading the books, so you don’t have to? Where’s the one that covers dangling participles?!

Thoughtful Thursday: Scratching the surface of life with our pen, being careful not to damage the tip. We don’t want to put too fine of a point on things! Questioning life with philosophical ramble revealing the mental shamble.

First World Friday: A place to vent that also pokes fun at our relatively luxurious culture and helps remind us to live in mindful gratitude.

We aim to move toward Fiction Friday letting you peek at our story as we move through the writing process. Maybe you’ll help us shape and mold the story. Maybe we’ll like you so much that we’ll name a character after you! Or not.

While skimming that list, you might have noticed a couple of things:

1) That’s a lot of alliteration. What a word weirdo!
YES! It helps us remember what we’re supposed to be doing. Here’s a fun secret: we never know what day it is anyway so it’s sheer madness! 

2) There is no Tuesday.
Indeed; we’ve cancelled Tuesday. It no longer exists. Please adjust your calendars. A lot of thought went into eliminating Tuesday. We need time to actually write our book(s) and we really couldn’t think of another category that started with “T”. Why can’t there be an “L” day?!

3) What’s going on with the italics?
That’s the constant critic in our minds. It really needs to pay rent or get a separate url. You try evicting it. Impossible!

The marketing gurus tell me I need a call to action here. (The good old CTA for those of you cool folks who enjoy alphabet soup.) Don’t you just Love it when every web page asks you to do something? Yes, we do too! If you feel inspired, you can shoot us an email at and make a Tuesday suggestion. Tearful Tuesday? Totally wasting my writing time Tuesday? Talking about writing but not actually writing Tuesday? See those aren’t rolling off the tongue really well. Gotta keep it snappy. Nobody has time or the attention span for anything. Look! A butterfly!

-Said With Love

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