When you refuse to look, you cannot see.


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I saw this video on Facebook. The flower petals blowing in the wind inspire thoughts about the artistry in nature and forces greater than ourselves. I’m shocked by how many people simply walk by without sensing the wonder of this life. I see dead people. They have a pulse, but come across as incapable of experiencing the full spectrum of joy that is right there waiting for us to access it. It’s freely available if we get out of our own way. These people make me feel sad as it seems they walk around wearing blinders. It doesn’t take away from the beauty that’s happening all around them but makes the experience bittersweet.

Sometimes I want to shake people and say “Wake up! Do you not see all of the Awesome surrounds you?!” I don’t…because 1) I don’t want to get locked up in a loony bin and 2) I don’t want them to tear me down with all that they see that is wrong. How we feel and what we see comes down to which lens we view life through at any time on any day. Sometimes I need a new pair of glasses too. (“Yes…,” the slippery inner voice whispers, “See how they make statues to the human with the weapon? Let us worship the Peace-keepers and Protectors. But why should we need protection? Why not a statue to praise the petal? Can we sculpt the wind? Our egos and corruption cause us to make prizes of ourselves….” Shut up, inner voice! Let me enjoy the moment.)

Are we all like those flower petals being blown around and around willy nilly? Do we bring joy to others? Are we marvelous? Are we the wind? I wish. There are wishers, dreamers, and those that trod upon the petals without a second glance. I will be the dreamer as I cannot find happiness any other way. Some will stomp through life while my heart dances and twirls through the good days and tumbles and whirls through the bad.
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Land of the Gluten Free, Home of the ???

problem with gluten free bread

Boo hoo!

Complaining about their posh, gluten free life while spending $8 on bread.

(Disclaimer: Sure gluten bothers a lot of people, but you can be gluten free and not eat sandwich bread. Land of the free! Home of the brave AND the diabetic, obese, dementia and cancer &autoimmune disease-ridden people with skyrocketing rates of developmentally disabled children. ‘Murica!)

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America the breadbasket of the world

Recently, I purchased a loaf of gluten free bread for just under $8 US. (It was an extra large loaf. The standard size is close to $5 in my region.) The design of the packaging makes it so that the contents are difficult to examine prior to purchase. The bread is usually frozen as a means of preservation. When I attempted to remove 2 slices, the perfectly shaped product broke in half revealing a thought provoking reality.

problem with gluten free bread

So Many Possible Interpretations So Little Time

I was a bit frustrated with myself this week as I’d fallen off my self-imposed blogging duties. I missed Marketing Monday (opens new window/tab), as well as Truthful Tuesday (opens new window/tab) and Writing Wednesday (opens new window/tab). Here we are on Thoughtful Thursday (page jump) with First World Problems Friday (page jump) looming on my calendar. Then I realized, this image can serve as inspiration for 3 posts! Click the day listed above to skip to whatever is of interest or prepare to scroll like a madman. Forewarned is forearmed: Reading a Friday post on a Thursday may cause dizziness, blurred vision and vomiting. Go on, you rebel!
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Fire the internal editor for the first draft

robert de niro quoteAmateur Writer Mistake #3 — I went back to re-read the stuff from the day before. I thought it would help inspire me to continue forward and pick up where I left off. Selfishly, I wanted to recycle that dopamine hit from the day before. (You know, the one where you look back on your effort with pride, pat yourself on the back and bask in your own brilliance?) So I broke the rule and re-read. BAD idea. It’s the first draft and I know better. BAH! Yesterday’s brilliance is today’s folly and my inner editor was horrified. “Half as long! Half as long!!!! What is this meandering? Your character has changed his personality far too much! This stinks to high heaven!” (My inner editor shouts and isn’t the least bit kind.) I want to go back and re-write rather than move forward. Disappointed and overwhelmed with self-doubt, I consider quitting. The defeatist says, “what is the point of this?! I’m wasting my time! I’m going to make tons of mistakes.” (like I do in Life…uh oh…hello darkness my old friend….) And then, imaginary friends, the writing stops. I’ve paralyzed myself with doubts and negativity. Logically, I know how the process works: Write it all out in a rush, go back and refine, then refine some more, and polish it. Next, pass it to someone else so they can rip it to shreds. Then fix it and refine it. On and on it goes until maybe, it’s as good as it’s gonna get and you send it out into the cosmos. If you’re lucky, someone reads it. Then you might be allowed to crawl into someone’s head and run amuck providing new experiences and imagery forming a temporary connection. Is that the pay-off, the temporary connection? (*mind explodes*) Well, let’s not think too long about that right now. There are stories to be told, ideas to be shaped and sentences to be sculpted. Here comes the dopamine!

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